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How Casinos Can Engage Event Planners

How Casinos Can Engage Event Planners

Whether it’s the elegance of the spa town of Baden-Baden or the flashing lights and booming music of Vegas, casinos are designed to make people feel good. Sure, some people may tut when their luck doesn’t go their way, but most of the time they have a blast as they try to outsmart their opponents at games like poker or roulette.

Casinos often use bright and sometimes gaudy colors on floors, walls and ceilings to create a cheering environment. They also play up the sound of coins clinking and cards hitting with blaring music. This is because the visual and auditory stimuli help to increase the excitement of the game, even for people who aren’t playing.

As casino patrons move between tables, they get comped for food, drinks and entertainment. Many casinos offer club cards that patrons swipe before they play to tally up points for free slot play, meals, drinks and shows. These clubs are similar to airline frequent flyer programs.

The thrill of winning is a major appeal for most gamblers, as is the adrenaline rush of not knowing what will happen next. But even if people lose, the excitement of trying to win again drives them back for more.

In addition to gaming, restaurants and bars, casinos can be perfect venues for group events, such as weddings or business retreats. To take advantage of this, casinos must think about how their marketing can reach and engage event planners.